Share photos & videos with the people who treasure it most.

Stellashare is not an application or social network.

It is a new and extremely simple to use photo and video sharing service that easily integrates with the flow of your daily life.

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Platform independent.

No app to download or social network to join.

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As easy as texting.

Simply text photos/videos to your personal Stellashare number and it's automatically shared.

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Design your own experience.

Users decide who, how and when their pictures are privately shared or received.

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Direct to inbox.

Friends and family directly receive your individual pics or video via email or text.

"As a speech therapist who works in schools, communicating with the parents of my students is essential. I especially love to share pictures of their kids having fun in speech class! Stellashare offers a direct channel for me to privately send photo updates of their child's successes day-to-day! With no app to download or link to click on to see the pictures, there are no time constraints or technical obstacles in the way."
Sarah fc5cb2da731bbb7396d3ffe9284fbea9fbc73e11335342c918957cbe5107f863
Sarah Norton
Speech Therapist
"I absolutely love getting the pictures of my granddaughter. It's so wonderful receiving the pictures in my text messages and email, they brighten up my day every time they come through. I'm the only grandma I know who gets a daily picture, I never have to miss a moment!"
Patty 17252327d3b850b18d630f621970a35a5e352e6474383094ce63156f8db1752e
Patty Buonviri
"After we welcomed our second child, free time was at a new premium. Stellashare provided a quick and convenient way to share pictures of our kids with our family and friends. We love that we can share pictures securely only with the people we want to see them and that they get to choose how frequently they receive our posts."
Whitleys 61f7e0abd40ba8616bf778f8089cb827537eb9f511865237b02ed0e9e2697f0f
The Whitley's
Family of Four
"I love it when my sister shares pics of my nieces and nephews using Stellashare. Getting their pics in realtime via text message is awesome. It feels like I'm there with them."
Brian 3cf5b0103e002632c220a23814f2151b9e0e2d910977c06c1291ce3fd458c4ef
Brian Delaney
Proud Uncle

Share personal moments, stay connected.

Stellashare allows its users to personally connect with a specified group of people, without security concerns or the noise of commentary that exists in social media outlets today.

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