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When Nikki and Justinian Brock had their first child in 2015, they were so excited about her arrival and took many photos to capture her many milestones and daily adventures. However, they didn’t feel they had any good mechanisms to share these pictures with their friends and family – they didn't feel comfortable using the typical social media outlets and they wanted something quick and easy to use given their new parenting time constraints (!) as well as wanting to include those that weren’t on any social networks.

After looking at all the available options and finding none that fit their needs, Justinian decided to build the solution he couldn’t find – a private, simple and inclusive photo sharing tool. Friend and business partner, Cody Caughlan, soon joined forces with Justinian on this endeavor. As an engineer who enjoys building meaningful things, Cody was excited to start building this tool – he instantly saw the need and benefits.

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The result was a sharing tool that does not require recipients to download an app or visit a website. Recipients need only a cell phone number or an email address to receive sharing updates.

Once Nikki and Justinian began using the tool, they started to receive many requests from their friends and family who now wanted to start sharing their own personal moments (as well as keep receiving photo shares). Given the great reception, it seemed like a natural next step to launch the tool on a wider, more public scale.

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Nikki reached out to good friend and colleague, Vanessa Berry. They initially met via a consulting engagement but have since bonded over many shared interests, business experiences and parenthood. As a mom of 3 young, growing boys with family spread out all over the globe, Vanessa was immediately on board. She and her husband have often wished for an easy but private way to share their boys’ activities in school, sports, family vacations and daily life with their close-knit family without having to individually text the photos to each family member or to group text them all at once.

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Stellashare is like the modern, virtual version of the old school postcard – a fun photo with a personal message sent to those whom you’d like to share with most.

If you are already part of the Stellashare Community, thank you – we’re so happy to be sharing with you! If you are not yet a member of Stellashare, let’s get started - we look forward to sharing with you soon!

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